What is the Co-Financing Facility?

The Co-Financing Facility is a grant fund that assists companies with specific Export Market-Entry Activities 

Companies can therefore allocate more resources to a foreign market to manage risks and increase the level of control a company has on its foreign activities. 

Upon completion, refer to footer of downloaded document for instructions.

Below is a list of Export Market Entry Activities supported by this facility.

  • First-Time Website Development/ E-Commerce Platform Integration (for current and potential exporters). 
  • Shipping of Samples (to prospective buyers in an Overseas Market). 
  • Product Testing (to meet market entry requirements). 
  • Label Design Modification (to meet market entry requirements). 
  • Tradeshow Participation. 
  • Intellectual Property Registration (in an Overseas Market). 
  • Translation and Interpretation of Export Related Documents. 
  • Product and/or Company Registration in Overseas Market. 

Who is Eligible?

Companies in operation for a minimum of one year, that are locally owned, non- extractive energy manufacturing and services companies are eligible! 

You must also be able to submit the following documents for evaluation: 

  • Company Registration Documents; 
  • One-Year Financial Statements (preferably audited, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement); 
  • Quotes/ Invoices (for the requested co-financing service) 
  • Completed Co-Financing Application Form. 


  • The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to ask for further information. 

Understanding the Co-financing Process.

DISCLAIMER: Applications submitted for Retroactive Payments, cannot be considered for evaluation. 


Step 1: Submit all documentation to the Business Advisor – External Funding. 

Step 2: Business Advisor reviews submitted documents. If suitable, documents are then submitted to the Co-Financing Facility Evaluation Committee. If not suitable, the applicant will be asked to resubmit. 

Step 3: Evaluation Committee reviews and makes a decision. Committee can ask for supplemental information for which the applicant will be requested to provide feedback in order to continue the evaluation. 

Step 4: Contracts drafted and signed if approval is given. 

Step 5: Disbursement(s) paid according to payment mechanism. 


You will be advised at all stages, of specific actions to be taken. 

How does the Payment Mechanism work?

Financial support may be provided for an amount of up to fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the market entry activity/ activities, submitted for evaluation. 

Based on your business size, see below the maximum amounts that may be approved: 

  • Small – $60,000TTD per fiscal year (paid to supplier) 
  • Medium – $55,000TTD per fiscal year (reimbursable) 
  • Large – $50,000TTD per fiscal year (reimbursable) 


Successful applicants must submit a Disbursement Request Letter and proof of payment (e.g. receipt) to the Business Advisor – External Funding to begin the payment process. 

NOTE WELL: You can only be reimbursed for payments that exporTT has approved for financial support.  

Submission of a completed application form and supplemental documents Applying for a grant DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval.