In-market Promotions

Eligible Activities​

Eligible activities include but are not limited to the following promotional activities:

  1. Listing fees
  2. Costs related to shelf presence such as the rental or purchase of gondola stands
  3. Shelf stocking fees
  4. In-store promotions, such as sampling of products, giveaways, discounts, flash sales, shelf talkers and media campaigns
  5. Shipping of samples for tastings

To meet the eligibility criteria companies must:

  1. Be a business registered in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Be an exporter for a minimum of two (2) years; however, less experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  3. Have products and/or services of local origin
  4. Be a company in the identified priority sectors
  5. Have obtained orders from new buyers in new or existing markets from October 2019 onward

 This fund covers:

This service can be accessed multiple times; however, the total value of applications should not exceed the ceilings set out for small, medium and large firms in a fiscal year. Participating companies will receive coverage as follows:

  1. Small exporters – 100% coverage to a ceiling of $50,000.00
  2. Large- and medium-sized exporters – 50% coverage to a ceiling of $85,000.00

Documentary requirements:

As part of the application process, the exporter must supply the following documents for review by the In-Market Promotions Committee:

  • The application form for the service
  • exporTT’s Export Assessment Readiness Form (as required)
  • A Company Impact Assessment Report (as required)
  • A Service Experience Report (as required)
  • Full contact details of the Buyer, official company liaison and Buyer Profile
  • Evidence of the in-market promotion plan developed between the buyer and seller
  • Invoice(s)/Proforma invoice(s)/Quotation(s) to cover the cost of the activity
  • Evidence of ability to cover any additional costs that exceed the limits of the service
  • Digital media (photos; video content etc.)
  • Evidence of sale including shipping documents and receipt
  • Proof of part payment based on the terms of the Agreement/Contract between the exporter and the Buyer or a Credit Note may be accepted

Payment process:

  • The exporter submits the invoice to exporTT Ltd after completion of the in-market promotion activity.
  • The exporter submits proof of part payment based on the terms of the Agreement/Contract between the exporter and the Buyer or a Credit Note may be accepted.  A Credit Note may be applied in cases where payments may be due to the exporter and to offset the expense against the cost of the in-market promotional activity. 
  • exporTT grants approval of the invoice and issues the payment upon satisfactory completion of the project.

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