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Want to start exporting but don't know where to begin?

The Export Incubator Programme helps develop businesses into export-ready companies through tailored support, training, business to business meetings, strategic consulting and more.

Launched in May 2021, the Export Incubator programme saw ten (10) companies taking the plunge into the world of exporting.    With no export experience under their belt, these ten companies with the support of coaching partner GBest Consulting saw companies over a six month period taken through a process of thorough business analysis to detect and resolve barriers to export readiness and increase their product/service competitiveness.      

Through a delicate twinning of company and coach,  these emerging exporters secured defined coaching plans which presented a clear understanding of their gaps, action plans to close gaps, an identification of a transformative business model to enhance export readiness and international competitiveness as well as an export plan which could be translated into tangible exporting results.

Training and Company Profile Development also formed two major components of the Export Incubator.  Under the tutelage of experienced facilitators MetrIQs Solutions Limited, Sandee Communications Limited, Ascendancy Solutions and Trading Limited (ASTL) and the Intellectual Property Office of Trinidad and Tobago saw beneficiary companies receiving guidance on Export Costing & Pricing, Developing an Export Plan, Developing an Export Marketing Plan, Developing a Company Profile as well as Protecting their IP in a Global Market.   Companies will also be exposed to training / guidance on  Generating Export Leads, The Art of Conducting In-Market Research as well as 30 Minute Sales Pitch. 

Companies will benefit from all exporTT grants / funds they qualify for to catapult their exporting status and have been coached to participate in exporTT or ESN-led missions.

Forming Cohort One of exporTT’s Export Incubator programme was: Trinidad Chocolate Factory, Pascal’s Bakery, Immortelle Beauty, Bwana Business Inc., Kais Manufacturing, the Vege Bistro, Cocobel Chocolates, Trinibakes, Montanos’ Chocolate Company and Redson Technologies. 

Meet the participants

Want to join Cohort Two carded to begin in October 2023? See eligibility criteria below.

Eligible companies must:

  • Be a locally registered manufacturer 
  • Be supplying major retailers for minimum 2 years 
  • Have little to no export experience
  • Have excess production capacity to dedicate to exports
  • Have sound financials and the ability to financially invest in exporting
  • Have sufficient human resource (both management and staff) to dedicate to export focus
Thank you for your interest.