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exporTT is the National Export Facilitation Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, charged with generating export growth and diversification in the non-energy goods and services sectors.   Catering to the needs of all Exporters, exporTT focuses on building internationally competitive firms, improving the business environment, and harnessing the differentiating factors that set Trinidad and Tobago exporters apart in the global market place.

As the trade policy implementing agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), we provide a comprehensive range of services to exporters focused on increasing non-energy exports, increasing the number of Exporters and delivering value for money.

Our ultimate objective is developing a sustainable and diversified export sector for Trinidad and Tobago. We are customer-centric, results driven and home to the resident expertise in matters of international trade.

 We are exporTT, Creating a World of Opportunities.

How can exporTT funding kickstart your export resolutions for 2022? Learn about exporTT’s grants, funds and who qualifies. #fundfacts #goexporTT
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RFP: UK Market Research Survey

RFP: UK Market Research Survey

For 2022, we’re looking for leading-edge, accurate and inspired market insights, to guide this year’s export endeavours. Can you meet…
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RFP: Colombia Market Research Survey

RFP: Colombia Market Research Survey

For 2022, we’re looking for leading-edge, accurate and inspired market insights, to guide this year’s export endeavours. Can you meet…
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Suppliers: Register with Office of Procurement Regulations

Suppliers: Register with Office of Procurement Regulations

ALL VENDORS: ANY party seeking to provide goods/works/services to exporTT will be required to register with the Procurement Depository of…
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Free Webinars

doing business in the dominican republic

This FREE session is geared towards assisting exporters in the Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Printing & Packaging, Construction and ICT sectors, to have a better understanding of The Dominican Republic market. Access the following presentations: Law in DR, Doing Business in DR, Logistics.

doing business in the BVI

🇻🇬 *SERVICES ALERT* 🇻🇬  This FREE session is the first in our series solely for Services Providers. If you are chomping at the bit to start Doing Business in The British Virgin Islands, learn about the opportunities that exist in this exciting seminar! Access the presentations: Market Overview, Legal.

doing business webinars - playlist
You can view all webinars executed for the period. Start with the most recent Doing Business in Florida seminar, with Consultants NexConnex Ltd. You can access the presentations here : Customs , Family Food Brokers , Caribbean American Chamber, NexConnex – Market Overview
patents, trademarks & the Madrid protocol

The Intellectual Property Office TT speaks with exporTT about MAJOR changes for IP in Trinidad and Tobago. Have you heard about the Madrid Protocol? What about Patents and Patent Mining or the redefinition of Trademarks? Manufacturers, entrepreneurs and exporters learn to protect your Intellectual Property and make the most of the Intellectual Property available globally. 

The Art of Conducting In-Market Research

I learnt the importance of collecting complete data while on market visits and analyzing this data to make informed and calculated decisions. This included: desk research vs hands on research, prepping in advance of trade visits, identifying the opportunities for channel development, selecting methodology and studying consumer shopping habits through observation. This programme was very valuable and I will recommend to other departments and companies.
Rena Rahaman
Global Sales Manager

Chile Virtual Mission

The Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) participated in its first Virtual (B2B) Meeting and Trade Mission with Chile supported by exporTT who organized and coordinated the effort during April 2020. The virtual meetings were well organized and coordinated and the consultants really made great efforts to connect NP with organizations interested in Lubricant products we offer. From the quality of the Consultants selected to the experience and capability of the Interpreters & Translators, significant effort was placed in ensuring that the process was a success.

IP Clinic, Excellent Workshop.

A mind-opening workshop that has helped me to prioritize protecting our company’s products & services in the short and long term. I learnt of pitfalls that could have been very costly to my business in the short term. I would highly recommend it. - Past Participants of the Intellectual Property Clinic


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