Grant Fund Facility

Learn about the Grant Fund

The sectors eligible for funding under the Grant Fund Facility are Financial services, Maritime services, Aviation services, Fishing and fish processing, Software design and applications, Creative Industries, Agriculture and agro-processing, and Manufacturing. SME’s that currently earn revenue less than TT$15 Million annually and have been in operation for a minimum of two (2) years in the designated sectors, can access 50% of the cost of new capital requirements/expenditure. Applicants will be required to meet at least 50% of the cost of the acquisition. The Grant is capped at TT$250,000.00 and does not cover working capital and land and building costs.

The criteria for assessing applicants are based on:

  1. The specific areas of eligibility;
  2. Quality and completeness of the documentation submitted;
  3. Export orientation/import substitution;
  4. Financial capacity of the business; and
  5. The projected impact of the investment on the economy, including employment generation and foreign exchange earnings, and its support to diversification.

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