Monitoring & Research

Monitoring & Research

We can provide market intelligence on virtually any market in the world.

Monitoring & Research

Market Intelligence

As the leading provider of export market research, the EMRC can provide market intelligence on virtually any market in the world. Through the EMRC you can access:

Market Sizes| Trade Flow Data| Buyers | Distributor Information | Shipping and Logistics | Competitor Information | Macro- Economic Data| Tariff and Duties | Non-Tariff Barriers |


Customized Research

We can build custom research reports and export dashboards specific to your company’s products for a specific market. The dashboard gives a snapshot of the market and provides a summary of key market information which are critical for analysing the target market.

If the information is unavailable through our databases we can source the information from in-market contacts through a shared cost arrangement with the company.

We can also conduct surveys on behalf of companies. This service involves designing a survey instrument specific to the client’s needs, collecting data, analysing and presenting the information in a user friendly and actionable format.


Analyst Training

The EMRC recognizes that exporters do not always have a dedicated Research Department to gather information necessary to make export decisions. This task may be assigned to persons who may not be equipped to carry it out. The EMRC can step in to provide training specific to your company’s needs  to enhance the research skills of members of you export and marketing teams

Exporters have access to information from the following paid and free Market Intelligence Databases:


Euromonitor International

Global market intelligence database providing market research reports, statistics and online information systems on industries, countries and consumers.

  • Access to information on 25 Industries
  • Database covers information on over 210 countries
  • Key reports on countries and consumers e.g. Business Environment, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Expenditure and Prices, Economy and Finance, Energy and Environment, Foreign Trade, Household and Homes, Income, Population etc.


It is a subscription-based website that gives the user access to ocean freight shipment data for imports and exports from the U.S. including container specifications, TEU, weight in kilograms and metric tons.

  • Access to over 130,000,000+ shipments
  • Peer into the transactions between U.S. businesses with foreign entities in over 190 countries.

ITC Maps – Trade Map, Market Access Map, Standards Map

  • Trade Map-
    1. Import and Export Data in values (US’000) and quantities (tons)
    2. Trade Indicators including: Trade Balance, Growth, Concentration, Diversification, Potential Trade, Estimated Tariffs etc.
  • Market Access Map-
    1. Tariff searches
    2. Non-Tariff searches
  • Sustainability Map-
    1. Wide listing of standards, codes of conduct, audit protocols addressing sustainability hotspots in global supply chains
    2. Access to global sustainability network with 871 companies
  • Market data on voluntary sustainability standards
  • World Bank
    1. Macro-Economic Data
    2. Country performance and rank


The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, represents the interests of exhibitors, organisers and visitors to trade fairs. They provide information on trade fairs in Germany and abroad, tips to assist with your trade fair preparations and useful information on the industry.

  1. International Trade Fair search
  2. Statistics on Trade Fairs including number of booths, number of visitors, floor space.

Group Department Contact information

General Enquiries:

623-5507 ext. 380 or 411


Sheldon Blugh
Sheldon Blugh
Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
His key roles include setting up, maintaining and updating the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system in a way that is
Kenika Espinosa
Kenika Espinosa
Research Officer
Kenika assists companies in developing their export strategy through in-depth market research. Her market analysis involves assessing market factors such

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As the leading provider of export market research, the EMRC can provide market intelligence on virtually any market in the world.
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