Peak season is knocking on your door. VERIFY your CHINA Supplier legitimacy

Peak season is knocking on your door. VERIFY your CHINA Supplier legitimacy


We are getting closer to the end of the year, which is synonymous with peak season, and hence increased quality risks and production delays!   Selecting the right supplier is essential to protect your business and guarantee your end consumer’s satisfaction.

Verify the legitimacy of potential new suppliers and choose the right one to start manufacturing your goods.  You will want to know:

  • Is it a scam?
  • Is the manufacturer a real manufacturer?
  • Is the supplier certified?
  • What are the possible risks in working with this supplier?
  • Is the supplier able to manufacture my products?
  • What are their manufacturing capabilities?

INVENI’s Supplier Qualification Audit is a simple and efficient way to verify your supplier’s capabilities to manufacture your goods during the peak season.  Available in China and Asia, A Supplier Qualification Audit is an essential step in securing your supply chain, and the service guarantees that you start manufacturing your goods at a legitimate supplier who can meet your requirements.

How it works: Auditors conduct an on-site evaluation at the factory to enable you to understand the reliability of your supplier. They perform an independent assessment of your supplier’s capability, capacity, credentials, facility, production line management, workforce and more.

Main checks performed include:

  • Factory profile and experience
  • Facilities, machinery and equipment
  • Licenses, certificates, bank account information, etc.
  • Production lines
  • Employee working conditions and more

INVENI can arrange a Supplier Qualification Audit in 48 hours, perform it in a day and guarantee your Audit Report in less than 3 days. 

VERIFY what your suppliers are saying. SAVE TIME and EVALUATE RISKS early!

I want to VERIFY my supplier

Michelle Low Chew Tung
Managing Director 
INVENI Business & Technlogy Ltd.
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