Earn marketable international business credentials

Earn marketable international business credentials


This programme is designed for anyone who works or wishes to work within the exciting, yet demanding, area of International Trade. With FITTskills online courses, you can build your skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere, no prior learning or pre-requisites required.

Learn the essential skills you need to succeed and avoid costly errors in international business with real-world training from top quality instructors and certified experts with exceptional experience and knowledge in international trade.

  • FITT participants will learn practical international business skills through comprehensive courses, in a flexible, self-paced environment.
  • FITTskills participants will have 3 months to complete each course from the time of registration.
  • FITT participants are supported through topic-specific textbooks in eBook format, guiding notes, case studies, sample exam questions and the answers to the exercises are included in the textbook. These additional resources provide participants with an opportunity to apply their learning and verify their progress.

The FITTskills Certificate in International Trade, is self-paced and self-led. Therefore, participants can complete the course at any time during the allotted three-month period. This type of flexibility is an added benefit to clients who tend to have an extremely hectic lifestyle. Each course consists of modules and units, all focused on specific areas within International Trade. Participants will earn the FITT Certificate in International Trade upon completion of 3 of the 6 FITTskills courses identified below.


  • Situational Analysis
  • Cost and Pricing Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Management


  • Planning for International Market Strategy
  • Implementation of Market Entry Strategies
  • Law and Ethics 
  • Intercultural Competence


  • International Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • International Distribution
  • Document Management


  • Product Development
  • Service Development


  • Marketing Products and Services
  • Selling to International Markets
  • eCommerce

Participants will have three months to work through the self-led course and complete the final assessment. The time required may vary from person to person depending on how well you study or prepare and your pre-existing knowledge in international trade and business.

We generally estimate that it will take 30-45 hours to complete a course if you are completely new to international trade, or closer to 15-20 hours if you already have 2 or more years of experience.

The course assessment is an open book multiple choice exam.


This course is open to individuals working in the area of International Trade or Business and to those who wish to work in this area.


exporTT will provide scholarships to exporters, both manufacturers and service providers.

Participants will have access to:

  • Scholarship offered by exporTT
  • All course materials

To access exporTT’s scholarship programme participants must:

  • Be a national of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Must have a diploma, associates, bachelor degree or equivalency
  • A minimum of one year employed at a Exporting Firm
  • Submit one reference from your employer
  • Commit to refunding exporTT $600CAD per course, for funds incurred due to drop out or if programme is incomplete within the stipulated three month period.

For more information on the courses, please contact us at fitt@exportt.co.tt or 612-3988 ext 7947 or 7912

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