Savoury Snacks in Chile

Savoury Snacks in Chile

Manufacturers adapting to changing environment

The increasingly health-focused environment in Chile is leading to a shift in the product offer in terms of formulations, with many manufacturers focusing on healthier options. Manufacturers are also introducing smaller pack sizes as health-conscious consumers look to control portion sizes when indulging in products such as savoury snacks.

Increasing interest in smaller, healthier categories

The small rice snacks and vegetable, pulse and bread chips categories are expected to grow strongly over the forecast period as they benefit from a relatively healthy image. However, while nuts, seeds and trail mixes is also set to see growth, its expansion will be constrained by the ready availability of affordable, unpackaged alternatives.


Health-focused innovation

As well as spurring demand in categories that already have a healthy image, growing consumer awareness of the health impact of dietary choices is set to increasingly shape manufacturers’ innovation strategies within more established categories, such as potato chips and puffed snacks. The forecast period is expected to see the introduction of a growing number of products tailored to a more health-conscious environment, including more products with lower salt and/or fat content and products with added fibre.

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