Prepared Foods from Cereals

Prepared Foods from Cereals

Nestlé Chile is the undisputed leader

Nestlé Chile continues to be the undisputed leader in the breakfast cereals category in Chile. This company has a portfolio of brands with a high degree of recognition and quality perception amongst Chilean consumers, such as Chocapic, Trix and Zucosos, amongst others.

Important presence of international players

The category has a strong presence of international players such as Nestlé and Evercrisp Snack Products of Chile (which is controlled by PepsiCo). The most important national player is Empresas Carozzi, which currently ranks second in the category. Mostly, breakfast cereals are consumed by high-income consumers, and domestic players are more focused on popular categories with a larger consumer base, producing cheaper and lower-quality alternatives to well-positioned brands such as Chocapic, Kellogg’s Zucaritas, Estrellitas and Trix.


Private label leverages on the importance of the modern channel in Chile

Private label occupies an important place within breakfast cereals in Chile, being the most important player after the big corporations. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the main distribution channel for breakfast cereals in Chile, and private label has taken advantage of the important presence of the modern channel in the country to expand its own brands, which most of the times represent a cheaper option compared to the branded ones.

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