Good general performance for home care in 2018 - Chile (pt2)

Good general performance for home care in 2018 - Chile (pt2)

New lifestyles may change consumer priorities

Increasing environmental awareness means that consumers are slowly becoming more informed about the products they use, the manufacturing processes, their ingredients and even the materials from which they are produced. New alternatives are slowly appearing which seek to replace the benefits of the usual chemicals with ingredients of natural origin. Products which contain fewer chemicals and use the attributes of natural ingredients seeks to help consumers lead a more eco-friendly life, and it is likely that more new products of this nature will appear, generating added value in a highly competitive market.

Growth expected, benefiting a number of channels

Home care is expected to continue to grow over the forecast period. At the end of the review period, modern grocery retailers held the lion’s share of sales and enjoyed significant bargaining power with manufacturers to maintain the presence of their products within stores, whilst seeking to increase the presence of their private label ranges with less product differentiation. These highly aggressive pricing strategies benefit players by offering convenient sales outlets.


New technologies will likely encourage consumers to choose higher-quality products, as dishwashing and laundry care products are considered essential by Chilean families and it is possible that products such as alternative detergents could renew the presence of traditional grocery retailers. If these channels manage to develop stable and orderly organisations, companies may see an opportunity to expand their presence and overcome the threats from private label in some categories.

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