Good general performance for home care in 2018 - Chile (pt1)

Good general performance for home care in 2018 - Chile (pt1)

Home care achieved a positive performance in terms of retail value and volume in 2018.

The availability of home care products generally determines consumption in Chile, even so, more aggressive sales strategies are often effective, as price can be a decisive factor at the time of purchase, regardless of the favourite brands of consumers.

Innovation in ingredients, formats and processes are renewing interest in many products and this is attracting the attention of consumers used to traditional products.


Home care still characterised by multinationals

Multinationals continue to occupy the leading positions within home care such as Unilever Chile HPC, Empresas Demaria and Reckitt Benckiser Chile. Unilever Chile HPC has invested in a domestic production facility, which produces a large proportion of its products. Empresas Demaria is the leading domestic player, closely behind Reckitt Benckiser Chile. The leading players all offer well-known brands and invest in marketing campaigns to support their products. On the other hand, private label held reasonable shares among products with lower levels of differentiation, such as kitchen cleaners, where consumers have less brand loyalty and can be influenced by price.

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Look out for Part 2 of this blog.

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