The Power of Partnership! Local Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster Program Takes Steps to Revolutionize the Industry

The Power of Partnership! Local Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster Program Takes Steps to Revolutionize the Industry

Ubergreen Organics Ltd. is the lead organisation of a newly formed Organic Fine Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster. One of its main goals is to increase excellence and quality within the industry through partnership. The cluster aims to secure the top spot for the Trinitario bean in North American and European markets by focusing solely on certified organic practices. The cluster emerged organically through market forces and applied for funding offered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in 2019 whereby around 100 applications were considered. After a rigorous Caribbean wide selection process, Ubergreen emerged successful and was one of only 6 clusters to receive funding for a three-year project. Ubergreen Organics Ltd. identified a clear way forward for the local cocoa industry to leverage its potential. Continuous impactful work has pushed Ubergreen into the spotlight as they have received critical international backing and support from, the IADB, local support from exporTT and the UWI’s Cocoa Research Centre.

To date, the program includes 14 private sector cocoa entities as part of its cluster. In addition, the initiative secures hundreds of jobs and is currently exporting approximately 20% of its output. The Cluster Manager Mr.Tobias Schulze Frenking mentioned; “This Cluster is open to other cocoa farmers and companies along the value chain, once they also support organic farming and processing of our True Trinitario cocoa beans. The global pandemic and the exponential growth of digital technology has taught us the importance of being adaptable and the power of collaboration.”  Ms. Deborah Hoyte of exporTT added, “Generating and leveraging synergies are key to success, as we seek to diversify our economy and increase export revenues.” exporTT has also supported the advancement of the program in terms of co-funding key activities and providing technical resources. Technology partner, Davyn Ltd, also come in for praise for its support by providing Microsoft Office solutions such as the MS Planner and SharePoint applications which will continue to make the cluster’s operations more effective and efficient.

Ubergreen Organics Ltd. developed the Organic Fine Cocoa Cluster Development Program on the unique selling proposition of Trinitario Fine Cacao. It is highly sought after by artisan chocolatiers and gourmet chefs for its unique flavor characteristics and origin story, especially as consumers increasingly pay attention to bean quality and traceability. Understanding these key concerns and opportunities will enable the Cluster to be a key driving force behind the combined efforts of local and international stakeholders.

exporTT continues to focus on its mandate to generate export-led growth. We take seriously our role to support our exporting sectors, especially in view of the positive effect it will have on our nation’s current and future economic prospects. Growth for our manufacturing and services sectors means positive economic shifts for Trinidad and Tobago.


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