Prepared Sauces, Dressings and Condiments in Chile

Prepared Sauces, Dressings and Condiments in Chile

Mayonnaise, a revitalised category

During the review period, the mayonnaise category was revitalised from the premiumisation process that it had been experiencing for some years. If in previous years it was difficult to find mayonnaise varieties that were out of the ordinary, today it has become increasingly common to find home-made, flavoured, or even egg-less varieties, for vegan consumers. All this process has boosted a category that was approaching saturation.

Barbecue sauce advances in giant steps

Barbecue sauce continues to grow rapidly in the Chilean marketplace. During the review period, consumers began to familiarise themselves with products associated with indulgent consumption, beyond mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard, which are the best-known sauces in the country. As a result of this trend, barbecue sauce experienced a strong increase, and we can expect the category to continue growing at a healthy pace during the forecast period.


Indulgence is the new focus

Whilst in previous years, players within sauces, dressings and condiments focussed on developing light or low-calorie versions of products, the focus is now on indulgence. Players have continued to introduce new products and innovations directed towards more sophisticated consumers, as well as those with particular culinary requirements, and those products have been successful. Health and wellness has also directly influenced consumer decisions as versions that are low in fat and sodium have continued to gain ground, albeit at a slower pace than the past.

Disruptive brands dynamise the category

During recent years, the category of mayonnaise has been revitalised through a process of premiumisation. An important part of the premiumisation process is the appearance of disruptive brands that have given a new air to the category and have explored heretofore unthinkable characteristics. This is the case of brands such as Not Mayo and Eggless. Both are Chilean brands that are owned by independent producers, and neither of them has egg amongst their ingredients, becoming an option for vegan consumers or those with cholesterol problems.

Private label aligns with new trends

Private label has maintained a stable position in sauces, dressings and condiments. For years, modern retailers have taken advantage of their high degree of coverage in Chilean packaged food and have developed their own lines, which generally offer good value for money. However, towards the end of the review period, they took a diversification path and subsequently launched products in different segments, ranging from economy to premium, launching gourmet varieties and taking advantage of the premiumisation trend.

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