Meet the Facilitator: Kenika Espinosa

Meet the Facilitator: Kenika Espinosa

For close to three years, Kenika Espinosa has been a Research Officer in the Monitoring, Research and Evaluation Unit, of exporTT. In this role, Kenika has assisted dozens of exporters and potential exporters, in attaining market intelligence which has guided their business decisions.

She has led and guided no less than 5 Virtual Market Surveys with the aim of supporting Trinidad & Tobago exporters in expanding to new markets. Most recently, Kenika led a Virtual Market Survey to Atlanta, for which she, along with a consulting firm, met with distributors and agencies from Atlanta, New York and Florida, to gather key information including: seller requirements, taxes, pricing trends, barriers to trade and logistics.

Through the Identifying and Assessing Export Markets Programme, Kenika will demonstrate the use of online tools and databases, that will allow for more informed decision-making by local exporters and therefore expand their chances for success in new markets.

Kenika is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus with both a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Global Studies.

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