exporTT was at The Prelude of O2N Style 2

exporTT was at The Prelude of O2N Style 2

The Dean of the Consular Corps, Amer Haidar , in association with Chair of the O2N Foundation, Mrs Nicole Dyer-Griffith hosted a capsule showing, – The Prelude of O2N Style 2… Style me Caribbean at O2 Park, Audrey Jeffers House targeting the diplomatic corps and corporate Trinidad and Tobago.

The event was a tremendous success, creatively directed by Richard Young, featuring five fashion houses – Claudia Pegus Couture, D.A.W.W Creations (designer – Marlon George), Zadd & Eastman (designer – Omzad Khan and Nigel Eastman), Lisa’s Fabrics / Lisa Faye (designer – Lisa Faye Sarjeant-Gonzales) and The Cloth (designer – Robert Young).

O2N Style 2… Style Me Caribbean is a fashion week carded for the 20th May – 26th May at the Hyatt Regency and O2 Park. The signature event, in its second installment, intends to corral creative entrepreneurs, creative artists, fashion designers in a strategic sustainable substantive festival – symposium, trade exhibition runway shows – promoting export-worthy product and service deliverables within a regional framework positioning our creative wares for international consumption.

The event is produced by the non-profit organization, the O2N Oxygen with Nicole Foundation, headed by Nicole Dyer Griffith and directed by Richard Young. This year, the production boasts of #B2B and #B2C marketing strategies and the formation of an online ecosystem for viable post-event trade. exporTT is a critical stakeholder partner of this pioneering economic diversification thrust and groundbreaking event tourism initiative.

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