exporTT Employee Appreciation

exporTT Employee Appreciation

exporTT’s HR Department hosted its 3rd Employee Recognition Program for period April – Sep 2018. The purpose of recognizing employees is to:

• Applaud employees for achieving planned objectives
• Encourage repeat performance and to
• Reinforce positive behaviours.

We see the impact of publicly recognizing employees. This encourages a more enthusiastic and cooperative workforce, more productivity and better satisfied employees.

The HR Manager engaged the employees in activities highlighting the purpose of recognition and how their job contributes to their well-being, namely:
• increased knowledge, skills and marketability
• exposure to the export arena and broadens their networks
• creation of professional identity by alignment with exporTT’s brand
• and increased personal development as there are opportunities for participation, empowerment and decision making.

The employees were given an opportunity to verbally express what their jobs meant to them. Some of the comments included:
• Knowledge gained
• Team work and social interaction
• Supporting exporters
• Earning a salary

On behalf of the the management of exporTT, Managers presented their star performers with a medal, Commendation Certificate and a bottle of sparkling beverage. We hope to continue this initiative in the years to come, as we are committed to doing what is within our resources to ensure that our employees are happy and motivated. We continue to work toward ensuring our employee happiness.

Congratulations to all the employees on their excellent work performance and contribution to exporTT.


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