Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation & Interpretation Services

Under the Export Booster Initiative, the Translation and Interpretation Services Programme is designed to address the language barrier experienced during post-mission follow-up activities with non-English speaking countries.

How does it work?

If you are an exporter currently engaged in market entry activities arranged by any of the following entities including exporter-led activities, tap into market opportunities with the support of translators/interpreters who will work with you to improve the quality, efficiency and reliability of the messages between you and buyer. This includes activities from the period October 202to September 2022.

These services include:

Translation of correspondence inclusive of emails, letters, price lists, contracts, company profiles, registration documents, product specifications, labels, catalogs and packaging and data sheets etc associated with in-market follow up activities.


Face-to-face, online meetings, teleconferences, voice recordings, providing consecutive or simultaneous interpretation between languages.

Exporters may receive up to TT$12,000.00 – per company and will be responsible for costs exceeding TT$12,000.00.

Is your company eligible?

To apply, your company should:

Be in a priority sector:

  • Be a business registered in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Be an exporter for a minimum of two (2) years
  • Have completed exporTT’s Export Readiness Assessment
  • Have products and/or services of local origin
  • Be a company in the identified priority sectors
  • Food and Beverage
  • Paper, Printing and Packaging
  • Household & Industrial Chemicals
  • Personal Care Products
  • Construction Materials

Understanding the application process.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Step 7. 

Step 8.

 Applicant completes the Application Form and submits with supporting documents:

  • Exporter Profile and Brochure (as applicable)
  • Buyer Company Profile
  • Evidence of lead ratings for matchmaking meetings already conducted.
  • Evidence of the stage of the lead in the sales process.

Applicant receives an acknowledgement of the application. 

Verification of the application, eligibility and supporting documents is conducted.

The application is assessed by the Evaluation Committee.

Applicant receives official notification as to the status of the application.

If approved, contract is executed with the successful applicant.

Services rendered.

Applicant submits Service Experience Report.

The Translation and Interpretation Services for fiscal 2022/2023, is now open. See how to submit completed document in the document footer.
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