• Opportunities in Haiti

    On Friday, (5th July, 2013), the Trade and Industry Minister of Haiti, Mr Wilson Laleau, gave a brief presentation on Opportunities in Haiti at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Laleau provided a frank discussion on the economic prospects of Haiti. It appears that Haiti is on a drive to boost economic development and as a result, investment and export opportunities will arise.

  • Singapore and South Korea Trade Research

    Both of these Asian economies are among the strongest in the world. According to the International Monetary Fund (2012), Singapore has the 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world behind Qatar and Luxemburg while South Korea ranks 27th. The rankings of these economies in the GDP per capita is somewhat exaggerated due to their small population sizes, however South Korea (Republic of Korea) and Singapore invariably rank 15th and 36th respectively in Nominal GDP Rank.

  • The Not So Usual Suspects

    The Not So Usual Suspects – Snapshot of Competition in Sauces and Condiment Market in the Dominican Republic

    Thinking about exporting Sauces and Condiments to Dominican Republic?

    Here’s who you’ll be up against and these are their market shares:        


  • Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) 2013

    At exporTT Limited, Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) 2013 was a highly anticipated event on our calendar…… and its arrival met our expectations.. Our participation under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment’s (MTII) “Trade & Investment Pavilion” theme was filled with creativity, excitement and the realisation to many participants that a bold new player was on the business landscape.

  • Panama and the Imperfect Competition in Beverages

    Panama is a true international hub. The existence of the Panama Canal links the trade of the western world with that of the east. In 2012, the Panama Canal accommodated almost 13,000 transits, and generated almost USD $2 billion in tolls alone. Because of the high traffic of the canal, one may assume that the products entering the Panamanian market may be as diverse as the hub itself and that the market may be tending toward perfect competition (many suppliers, each with small market share)

  • Global Services Forum, Beijing, 28th to 29th May, 2013

    The Chief Executive Officer of exporTT Ltd., Christopher Lewis, recently returned from the two day Global Services Forum held in Beijing, China, May 28th - 29th, 2013. This forum was attended by over 200 delegates drawn from member countries of UNCTAD.

  • A Little about MERCOSUR

    The EMRC, in recent months has had a fair amount of requests for information on the economic group, Mercosur. It appears that Mercosur is a bit of a buzzword but little is known about the group. The interest in Mercosur, stems from the fact that its most popular member is Brazil.

    Mercosur is an acronym which means Mercado Común del Sur in Spanish (Common Market of the South) (sometimes called Mercosul). The Full Members of Mercosur are: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Bolivia. Associate members include Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

  • The US Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)


    The C-TPAT, is a measure that the USA crafted to safeguard the trade industry from terrorists. The initiative was started after 9/11 (Nov 2001). The programme is not designed to restrict trade but to create a layer of security.

    The partnership operates by networking companies (USA – Importers and their Suppliers). Those companies sign an agreement with the US Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) to protect the supply chain, identify security gaps, and implement specific security measures and best practices.

  • Better Trade Decisions through Market Intelligence.

    One of the main barriers to trade is not the existence of tariffs, laws and regulation or non-tariff barriers; it is the lack of information and market intelligence on how to clearly define the market and how to overcome the challenges of market penetration.


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