• exporTT Mandate
    1. exporTT Ltd. was designated by the Cabinet of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to be the sole National Export Facilitation Organization of Trinidad and Tobago. Our mandate is to:
    • Generate export growth and diversification in the goods and services sectors
    • Increase in the international competitiveness of exporters
    • Develop new exporters across the various sectors of interest
    • Expand to new markets, based on market research

exporTT Ltd. is the trade policy implementation agency of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment.

  • exporTT Vision , Mission, Core Values
    1. Vision

      "To be the driving-force for the development of an internationally competitive and vibrant export sector which contributes significantly to economic diversification in Trinidad and Tobago."

      The Vision of exporTT is borne out of the mandate received by Cabinet to be the "sole National Export Facilitation Organization of Trinidad and Tobago". Our vision reflects the current and future role of goods and services exports to the economic diversification in Trinidad and Tobago.

    2. Mission of exporTT:

      To develop a sustainable and diversified export sector for Trinidad and Tobago.

      The mission statement outlines the purpose of exporTT which is expected to be achieved through our export development and promotion activities for goods and services.

    3. Core Values of exporTT

      To be a customer centric, knowledge-based and results-oriented organization, delivering excellence through teamwork and innovation, with a strong sense of integrity. The Core Values represent what exporTT stands for. We are "customer-centric". It is through a close working relationship with exporters, would be exporters and key stakeholders that we will be able to fine-tune our services to best meet their needs and achieve our overall corporate objectives. The quality of our customer service relies on our being knowledge-based thereby adding real value and our being results-oriented. Our credibility demands that we retain a strong sense of integrity, while delivering excellence through teamwork and innovation.


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