Training Unit

Training Unit

Training + Affordable Prices = Export Advantage!

Training Unit

Exporter Training is one of the major functions of a Trade Promotion Organization like exporTT Ltd. This function involves planning and coordinating the execution of relevant training programmes which build the capacity of exporters to increase export competitiveness, develop new exporters and increases access to new markets.    Training is not an end in itself but is a required ingredient to ensure competency is built to achieve the exporTT’s goal of developing a sustainable and diversified export sector for Trinidad and Tobago.

exporTT’s Training Unit focuses on building the capacity of Trinidad and Tobago Exporters to master the essentials of an effective export strategy.   Whether it’s guiding new Exporters or updating existing Exporters, all our initiatives are designed to equip Exporters with the skills to win new business in international markets and/or generate export leads.

We can be contacted directly at:  483-8311


exporTT’s Training unit works through a number of experienced senior experts who go beyond theory and possess an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by clients. exporTT selected Facilitators all hold the following beliefs:

  • Participants are good, capable and competent; they come to the programme with high expectations and, they each have unique learning styles and face competing interests related to family and other life realities
  • Participants need acknowledgement, role models, frequent feedback and positive social bonds to feel emotionally safe.
  • Participants must be actively engaged in the learning process
  • Participants bring to the programme a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences gained from formal and informal learning experiences. The role of the Facilitator is to assist the participants in relating the new knowledge to past experiences
  • Participants learn more effectively by doing or experiencing; the Facilitators’ focus is helping them to learn rather than teaching.
  • Employs highly interactive and participative training environments
  • Competitively prices workshops which do not compromise quality
  • Possess excellent Customer Care qualities


Through a delicate process of conferring with clients, operational units, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and Unit Research, the Training Unit develops the suite of training programmes it would focus on in any fiscal. Sample programmes offered include:

New Exporters

  1. Export Basics: Getting Started
  2. Generating Export Leads
  3. Identifying and Assessing Export Markets
  4. Introduction to Export Marketing
  5. Introduction to Export Pricing
  6. Formulating an Export Plan
  7. Sector related Intellectual Property Clinics
  8. Packaging and Labelling for Export Markets
  9. Product and Process Standardization for Food Processors

Existing Exporters

  1. The Art of Conducting and Analyzing In-Market Research for Exporters
  2. Export Marketing
  3. Writing a Proposal for Grant Funding & RFP’s
  4. Crafting an Impactful Company Profile
  5. Costing & Pricing: Analyzing the Numbers
  6. Converting Trade Show Leads to Sales
  7. FSPCA Preventive Controls in Human Food
  8. 30 Minute Sales Pitch
  9. Mastering Customer Service for Exporters
  10. Differentiation: Through the eyes of your customer


  1. Understanding Incoterms
  2. Understanding Rules of Origin
  3. Building a World Class Digital Catalogue
  4. Understanding HS Codes
  5. Private Labelling


International Trade Specialist Programme – exporTT’s Training and Communications Unit is also pleased to offer Trade practitioners in Trinidad and Tobago, the International Trade Specialists (ITS) programme attainable through eBSI Export Academy of Ireland.  This nine month e-learning programme culminates in a globally recognized certification which is recognized by the Institute of Export:

Course Modules include:

  1. Export Marketing Operations,
  2. Trade and Custom Practice,
  3. Finance of International Trade and
  4. eBusiness for International Trade

Current International Trade Specialists  

Cohort 1

Andrew Hosein | Antoinette Spencer | Camille James | Christian George | Cintra Sooknanan | Cy Padmore |Devi Ali | Dhanraj Harrypersad | Gareth Narinesingh | Giselle Roberts | Jamel Spring | Janelle Peters | Janelle Teemal | Kevin Crichlow | Kinda Thomas | Lisa Ramsumair | Marcia Potts | Melissa Pierre | Merlissa Khan | Nadia Jardine | Natalie Paul-Harry | Natalie-Anne De Silva | Nathali Richards | Patricia Govia | Priya Maharj | Ravi Sankar | Roann David | Ryan De Souza | Shamilla Khan | Shara Charles -Sajadhar | Stacy Rodriguez | Suzanne Ragbir | Tenika Phillip | Vincent Ramlochan | Vonetta Ramjattan

Cohort 2

Adrian Theodore | Ann-Marie Williams | Anthony Marcelin | Chioke Pierre | Chrystal Jones | Deborah Hoyte | Donna Edwards | Dwight Brown | Dwight Newton | Gizel Thomas-Robert | Joanna Charles | Joy Francis | Joy Williams | Maria Padilla-Benjamin | Maria Winchester | Marlon Crawford | Marx Durity | Michael Bedasie | Nigel Bradley | Rebecca Durham-Lutchman | Richard Affonso | Roxanne Risbrooke | Rupesh Mahabir | Sheldon Blugh | Shelly-Ann Bhawanie | Tedesia Henry

Cohort 3Dharish Ramlal | Chandresh Sharma | Nakeisha Monticieux | Cheryl-Ann Baptiste | Shelly Ann Baptiste | Judi Marie Rocke | Andia Persad-Maharaj | Betty-Ann Narine | Simone Scipio Briggs | Miriam Rampersad | Renae Ward | Vinayak Sankar | Renee Solomon | Laura Pascall | Marianella Zamora | Adanna Taylor | Stacy Seeterram | John Francola | Rajiv Rampersad


Supporting companies with their Human Development are:

Judi-Marie Rocke
Judi-Marie Rocke
Snr. Training Officer
For the last thirteen (13) years has made exporTT her work home.  She brings to the team a strong Sales
Tenika Phillip
Tenika Phillip
Training Officer
Tenika is responsible for the planning and coordinating the execution of relevant training programs which are specific to building the
Chrystal Granado
Chrystal Granado
Administrative Assistant
No Unit is complete without the support of the Administrative lead.  The Unit therefore depends on Chrystal to pull all
Mrs. Maria Padilla-Benjamin
Mrs. Maria Padilla-Benjamin
Manager Training
Mrs. Maria Padilla-Benjamin, has 20 years working experience in Human Resource Development, thirteen (13) of which has been within the



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Exporter Training is one of the major functions of a Trade Promotion Organization like exporTT Ltd. This function involves planning and coordinating the execution of relevant training programmes which build the capacity of exporters to increase export competitiveness, develop new exporters and increases access to new markets.
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