Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund

What is CIIF?

The Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Fund, led by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), was designed as a multi-donor fund to support the development of the creative industries (CI) sector. In response to constraints faced by the sector in 2017, CDB approved support to establish a pilot intervention which was started with an initial contribution of USD2.6 million from the Bank.

CIIF Grants

• Change agents in the CI sector who are creating platforms to access and integrate into the global creative economy
• Public-private partnerships that are executing business climate reforms, innovation policy and intellectual property asset management
• Chambers of Commerce, government agencies and business support organisations that are reducing constraints faced by MSMEs involved
in CIs, improving the business climate of CIs including drafting of legislation and gender-related
initiatives, focusing on financing of goods, consultations, workshops, seminars, technical work, research (including knowledge products), and institutional-strengthening activities.

• Financing of research, knowledge products and strengthening activities
• Projects with a regional, sub-regional or national focus
• Focus on improving data collection frameworks that allow sustainable measurement and analysis of activities in the CI sector

• Registered CI associations and collectives focused on creating and deepening creative clusters, creative spaces and co-working spaces, implementation of new business models, capacity-strengthening and accessing new markets
• Non-profits, tertiary institutions and business support organisations focused on improving the competitiveness of MSMEs in the CI sector