Export Promotions Unit

exporTT’s aim is to develop the promotion of: economic efficiency, diversification of products and services and better utilization of manufacturers and service providers.  The development of the export sector has a vital role to play in the achievement of the country’s economic goals and the increase of foreign exchange. Manufactured goods and Services industries have a wealth of opportunities to penetrate regional and extra regional markets.  Goods and services produced in Trinidad and Tobago can be positioned with the international brands for their quality.

Our Unit’s role is to identify and work with manufacturers to penetrate new markets through export promotions services such as trade missions, virtual meetings and attendance at trade shows.

We also advise manufacturers through the research department on the countries in which their products can gain favorable access. The manager and officers are in constant interaction with manufactures to determine their needs and requirement as it relates to the exports of their products.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, Review of the Economy 2018, “Turnaround”– describes the Food, Beverage and Tobacco industry as the second largest sub- industry in Trinidad and Tobago.  Some of the food groups in this sub-industry includes alcoholic and carbonated drinks, water, juices, cereals, chocolate, confectionery, condiments, canned foods and baked foods. Several Food and Beverage multinationals also maintain a manufacturing presence in T&T as a center for regional exports.

Most of the clients are exporters, while some are still seeking the requirements to penetrate new and existing markets. The Business Advisor’s role and responsibility is to work closely with each client to better understand where they are, where they want to go and how exporTT can assist by getting them where they want to be.

As we work closer and build client relationships with the manufacturers we can better understand their individual needs. Their major objective is to get the manufacturers products on both regional and extra regional markets by offering guidance and assistance under the Export Promotions Department umbrella of services.

Some of the functions performed by advisors include:

  1. Matching exporters with potential external buyers
  2. Providing export advisory services to exporters.
  3. Coordinating exporter participation in Trade Missions
  4. Coordinating exporter participation in Trade Show
  5. Coordinating and executing relevant business seminars   
Your  journey begins with following basic steps:

Standards – As a Food & Beverage company entering the international markets, it is important to determine if your company is export ready and have the relevant standards for exporting.  Such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), FDA:FSMA Compliance and Food Management Systems ISO 22000:2005, and for duty free access to the CARICOM a Certificate of Origin (COO).

Capacity – Does your company have the production capacity? Then decide on your products of interest, whether it’s Fresh, Dehydrated, Frozen, Canned, Fermented, Pickled or Pasteurized. 

Market Selection – Need to decide on a market? Benefit from our market research dissemination seminars, where you receive information on market opportunities. Also, take a look at Trinidad & Tobago’ Trade Agreements.

Market Penetration – Participate in our Outward and Inward Trade Missions, Trade Shows or Virtual Business meeting. Whether it’s Europe, North-Central or Latin America, Canada or CARICOM, we’ll take you there and provides guidance from registration to business leads.

Be aware that there are some barriers to trade that you may experience. These can includes:

  1. Language
  2. Buy Local Campaigns
  3. Labelling requirements
  4. Exchange Controls

Here is a link to some of the most popular Food & Beverage shows where you can promote your products, gain a competitive edge and international brand recognition.

Tips – Given the rapid pace of change as we enter a new decade, here are some Global Food and Beverage Trends you might want to take into consideration for exporting

  1. Lower Sugar /Calorie and Salt Content
  2. Natural & Organic Foods
  3. Healthy Products
  4. Different Languages on Packaging and Labelling
  5. Convenient and Innovation Packaging
  6. Environmentally friendly packaging and sourcing of materials
  7. Plant-based and vegan foods
  8. Allergen-free


Trinidad and Tobago is the most dominant supplier of construction goods and services in the CARICOM region.  With our economy firmly rooted in hydrocarbon production and processing, highly competitive energy rates allow for competitive pricing and consistent output quality.  Our strong and stable economy has been the foundation of our ability to grow wealth and nurture significant trade relationships across the region.

According to the Ministry of Finance’s Review of the Economy, 2019, the construction sector accounted for an average of 5% of GDP per annum, during the period 2014 to 2019. The local industry is heavily dependent on Government spending, however, according to Trademap, exports of construction materials at the 2-digit level increased by 20% between 2017 and 2018.

The export of cement is a significant indicator of activities in the construction sector, recording a growth rate of 38% between 2017 and 2018.  This represents exports to the CARICOM region with Guyana averaging just over 50% of the total value imported.

The importance of Trinidad and Tobago’s construction sector is related not only to its size but also to its role in economic development.  The country produces materials from foundation to finish, servicing residential, industrial and commercial projects.  See sample list of products manufactured HERE.   Installation, repairs and training are also part of the service offering.  More importantly, architectural and engineering service providers play a pivotal role in both local and regional projects.

Trinidad and Tobago boasts of the provision of high quality construction goods.  Given the natural disasters associated with the Caribbean islands such as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes, Trinidad and Tobago’s manufacturers seeks to ensure compliance to international standards in both production and installation.

exporTT’s Support Services

exporTT has identified Construction as one of the priority sectors for export development and promotion.  Architectural Services exports are supported by exporTT’s Services Unit.  Support in the export efforts of Construction Goods enterprises fall under the purview of the Export Promotions Unit.

exporTT’s plan to support the efforts of Construction Goods companies consists of one-on-one interventions with exporters and potential exporters.  exporTT seeks to:

  1. Identify the existing gaps in the enterprises to develop the interventions required to assist in enhancing their export capabilities.
  2. Identify the key international markets of interest to the enterprises and gather intelligence on the opportunities and challenges in those markets.
  3. Develop individual and targeted export support plans for the enterprises. The plans will outline a schedule of capacity building, research support and export promotion support to assist in the export thrust of the enterprises.
  4. Review the plans with the enterprises and streamline a time-based implementation schedule to develop their export capabilities.
  5. Conduct an assessment at the end of the period and determine the way forward based on the outstanding needs of the enterprises.        

Printing and Packaging Sector Overview in Trinidad and Tobago

The local printing and packaging industry is growing and has potential to expand to international markets.

Take a look at the Global Figures here.

Presently, our main market is CARICOM, which represents the highest sales figures and volume. Research shows that food and beverage as well as healthcare packaging, continue to have the highest number of end users in the global packaging industry.

The Trinidad and Tobago printing and packaging industry, consists of over 200 companies which can be classified under the sub-categories of:

  1. Commercial
  2. Labels & Packaging Materials
  3. Producers of Paper Based Items
  4. Plastic Packaging Manufacturers
  5. Rigid Packaging Manufacturers

The Trade Promotion Unit offers these main services to the sector :

  1. Export Advice
  2. Gathering information for exporters on their market of interest
  3. Planning & Execution of Trade Shows
  4. Planning & Execution of Trade Missions
  5. Planning & Execution of Virtual Mission
  6. Planning & Execution of Business to Business Meeting (B2B)
  7. Planning & Execution of Seminars
The Chemicals Sector comprises several sub-sectors as follows:


  1. Household Cleaning Chemicals: Laundry Care, Surface Care, Dishwashing, Air Care, Toilet Care, Bleach, Polishes
  2. Industrial Cleaning & Janitorial Chemicals: Sanitizers, Disinfectants, Solvent Cleaners, Degreasers, De-Scalers, etc.
  3. Home Insecticides: Aerosols, Coils, Candles, Bands, etc.
  4. Medical Items: Topical Analgesic, Gastro-intestinal, Anti-histamine, Moisturizer, Cough Preparations, Antiseptic, Chest Rubs
  5. Lubricants: Petroleum fuels; Lubricating Oils and Greases; Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas; Automotive Specialty Products.
  6. Personal Care Items: Bath, Body and Hair Care Items, Cosmetics, etc.
  7. Animal Care Items
  8. Other: Mattresses & Bedding Solutions, Batteries, Matches, Candles, etc.

Standards Requirements

The products manufactured across these sub-sectors are largely governed by the Standards mandated by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) who are committed to safeguarding public and industrial welfare as well as the health, safety and protection of the environment, and who continuously conduct regulatory monitoring of these products.

For more details on the standard requirements by the TTBS, please visit their website.

Safe Products

With the growing concern about the use of harmful chemicals that affects human life and the environment, world trends show that companies are being pushed to not just produce safe and environmentally friendly products, but consumers are also asking that companies should make it clearer how safe their ingredients are, and are willing to pay more for natural products.


Information and reports will be posted to keep exporters abreast of the ever-changing dynamics in this sector. Also, exporters can make a request for reports on their market(s) of interest.

Meet the Team
Mrs. Betty-Ann Noriega Mollineau
Mrs. Betty-Ann Noriega Mollineau
Manager - Export Promotion & Communications
Betty Ann Noreiga-Mollineau has in excess of 15 years managerial and marketing experience, both locally and regionally. Mrs. Noreiga Mollineau
Camille James
Camille James
Snr. Business Advisor - Export Promotions
Ms. James deals with manufacturers of the Chemical sector. She provides export advice, gathers information for exporters on their market
Natalie Paul-Harry
Natalie Paul-Harry
Snr. Business Advisor - Export Promotions
Mrs. Paul-Harry deals with manufacturers of Construction Materials. She provides export advice, gathers information for exporters on their market of
Shamilla Khan
Shamilla Khan
Business Advisor - Export Promotions
Mrs. Khan deals with manufacturers of the Food and Beverage Sector. She provides export advice, gathers information for exporters on
Roann David
Roann David
Business Advisor - Export Promotions
Ms. David deals with manufacturers of the Food and Beverage Sector. She provides export advice, gathers information for exporters on
Nathali Richards
Nathali Richards
Snr. Business Advisor - Export Promotions
Ms. Richards deals with manufacturers of the Printing and Packaging sector. She provides export advice, gathering information for exporters on their
Additional Information


National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show – Sandia Resort & Casino, Albuquerque, USA

Sweets & Snacks Expo – McCormick Place, Chicago, USA

SIAL Canada – Palais des Congres in Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Winter Fancy Food Show – San Francisco                       

Summer Fancy Food Show – New York

Anuga – Koelnmesse in Cologne (Germany)

IFE – ExCeL London in London (United Kingdom)

SIAL Paris -Paris Nord Villepinte in Villepinte (France)

World Tea Expo – Colorado Convention Center in Denver (United States of America)


SAMPLE LIST OF MANUFACTURED GOODS: Cement; asphalt; other aggregates; paint and varnish; roofing materials; electrical components; lighting fixtures & fittings; office, school, medical & home furniture; windows; doors; louvres; cabinets; flooring; nails; wire; building blocks; decorative iron-work & stairs; tiles; mattresses; water & septic tanks; planters; construction buckets & bins; rope; thinset; grout; concrete admixtures; water-proofing materials; aluminium & steel profiles; structural steel frames; safety gear; piling, floor slabs; bridge girders; utility poles; shop-fronts; wall panels & cladding; skylights; PVC pipes & fittings; display stands; structural foam; boats; custom engineered products.

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES: Architectural services; installation and refurbishment of construction goods; training in targeted sub-sectors.


Food and Beverage advisory

exporTT has become a Strategic Partner. Starting with the planning process we have been able to chart a course that we are in the process of rolling out. Every aspect of Twigs Naturals has been engaged; Production, Certification, Marketing and our Supply Chain. All the elements needed to launch onto the global stage and contribute to our domestic economy.

Nigel Jordan
Owner & Co-founder
Twigs Naturals
Construction Goods Advisory

Having the support of exporTT has been so meaningful to us here at Rotoplastics. They have taken the time to understand our business in order to help us find opportunities as well as bridge the gap between us and potential customers! They continue to be professional, relevant and always exhibit highly exemplary work ethic.

Gill Marie Fleming
Marketing Manager
Rotoplastics Trinidad Limited
Printing & Packaging Advisory

exporTT exposes us and other local manufacturers to valuable trade missions, trade fairs and business forums. I must commend exporTT for taking the time to understand the exporters’ needs, evidenced by quality B2B meetings we have attended at various exporTT events. Their Market research provides direction for deepening and broadening our efforts for more opportunities. exporTT's TFO in Cuba, has been a useful source of information, market support and a point of contact to T&T’s manufacturers doing business or working on entering the Cuban market.

Lisa Ramsumair
Market Development Manager
Carib Glassworks Limited (CGL)
Chemicals Advisory

“The virtual Chilean trade mission conducted by exporTT proved to be of great benefit to Langston Roach Industries Limited and other companies that are interested in expanding into markets outside of the Caribbean like Latin America. The mission provided thorough market research conducted by a Chilean consultant, a list of prospecting clients whom fitted our company’s market segment or segments and meetings with our top choices. In addition, the exporTT team continuously followed up before and after each meeting providing any support needed. We applaud the ability of exporTT to provide a great service and a successful virtual trade mission given the constraints of COVID-19 and look forward to future missions we can partake in. “

Latoya Walcott
Export Assistant
Langston Roach Industries Limited
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