We are in Guyana - *UPDATE* Export Promotions Success!


Day 3 - Exciting updates from Manager Export Promotions

After the two days of intensive #b2b meetings we were extremely successful in meeting our objectives of a mutual collaboration of trade between our two countries whereby we agreed to purchase their products and they in return agreed to purchase raw material and services from us in order to complement their own manufacture and provision of services.  I think that these two sessions, can only rebound to the benefit of the long term objective of exporTT as well as Guyana. - Betty Ann Noreiga-Mollineau






Day 2 -Director Renuka Sagramsingh -Sooklal speaks

This mission comes at a time of immense possibility and purpose. It has the potential to expand and build on the existing relationship with Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. The relationships created from missions must be "Value based" rather than "Numbers based". Trade Missions like these are critical to the creation and fortification of trade Linkages between the private and public sectors of both countries. We the Board of Directors of  exporTT remain committed and look forward to learning from and developing a mutually beneficial relationship with Guyana. We remain optimistic that the opportunities that await both jurisdictions beyond the limit of this mission are endless." - Director Renuka Sagramsingh- Sooklal








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