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Manufacturing in Trinidad and Tobago

While Trinidad and Tobago is known as a producer of Oil and Natural Gas, Trinidad and Tobago contains one of the strongest Manufacturing Bases in Caricom. In addition to Energy Products, Trinidad and Tobago produces a wide range of locally manufactured goods in the Food and Beverage Sector, Tobacco Products, Miscellaneous Chemicals, Printing and Packaging, Wood and Wood Related Products and Cement. While Oil and Gas continues to be the strongest contributor to GDP and Export Revenue, energy production has slowed; there has been significant growth in the Food and Beverage sector of almost 500% since 1995.

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association indicates that there are more than two hundred (200) Manufacturers operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

According to data provided by the Central Statistical Office (2011), of all products exported from Trinidad and Tobago 95% were produced locally. If Energy Products including downstream energy products were removed locally produced products account for 69% of exports. The value of the non-energy, locally produced export has increased by almost USD$600 million since 2010.

The manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago benefits from Low Energy Costs, Skilled Labour, Customs Duty Exemptions, and Developmental Grants for Research and Development.

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Services Sector in Trinidad and Tobago

The Services Sector in Trinidad and Tobago is truly diverse and plays an important role in the economy.

Significant economic activity takes place in areas such as Construction, Financial Services, Transportation and Tourism. This area however also includes the Wholesale/Retail industry, Personal Services such as Health Care, Business Services and Entertainment/Cultural services such as music, art, masquerade etc.

The sector accounted for 85.2% of the labour force as at the end of June 2011 (source: Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Annual Economic Survey 2011); the largest provider of jobs in the economy. This vibrant sector is promoted and supported by the Trinidad & Tobago Coalition of Service Industries. (TTCSI)

According to the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, it also accounted for 39% of GDP at current market prices in 2011.

Given its size, pervasiveness and importance, the Services Sector is a vital component of the local economy.
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Shipping Companies and Brokers

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