What must my business contribute?
All businesses must contribute towards the cost of the identified project and the limits to RDF and client contributions are set out as follows:-

Small business:

  • RDF contribution: 70%
  • Client contribution: 30%

Medium business

  • RDF contribution: 60%
  • Client contribution: 40%

Large business

  • RDF contribution: 50%
  • Client contribution: 50%

What type of projects are supported?
The types of projects that are supported by the RDF are outlined below:

  • Process and systems improvements
  • Product development
  • Adaptation of appropriate systems and technology
  • Innovation in technology management systems and industrial engineering i.e. product processes, logistics, supply chain, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Experimental development / Industrial research
  • And any other areas as outlined by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment.

Any project submitted to the RDF must form an integral component of the business’ strategic plans.

What type of costs can be covered?


Eligible Project Costs Ineligible Project Costs

Costs for internal personnel directly involved in R&D activities (based on work days/hours)

External consultancy fees as relates to the conduct of R&D activities e.g. certification and testing costs to complete project, design costs, product trials

Contractual R&D service providers (outsourced)

Pilot project costs whose results will be used to complete product/service development as part of R&D

Prototype development costs including materials and labour costs

Patenting costs including application fees, translation costs, office actions, patent legal fees, filing fees.

Capital costs such as purchase of real estate, equipment, inventory etc.

Routine business costs such as administration costs, marketing, legal due diligence, overheads


Commercially available software packages

Annual subscriptions

Travel expenses

Projects that focus solely on market-led research/consumer focus panels/consumer reaction to products and services are not covered

Costs related to routine or periodic changes to products, production lines, manufacturing processes, existing services and other operations in process


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