Application and Approval Process

Step 1:

Fill out Outline Proposal Form

The Form is to be submitted online and it will be processed in due course. Applicants will receive a response if they are approved or denied to move forward to the next application step.

An approved Outline Proposal is valid for a maximum of 90 days from the date of approval. After this time, a new Outline Proposal form will need to be submitted.

Step 2:

Submission of Application Package

The application package consists of the following documents that must be submitted by an applicant:

  • A recently updated Business Plan
  • A Project Plan detailing all key tasks, milestones, deliverables, timeframes, resources etc.
  • Detailed Project Budget showing all project activities with associated costs and service provider(s)
  • Documented evidence of costs: Pro form invoices, quotes, bills, time sheets, work estimates, copies of contracts, letters of intent etc.
  • Business Registration Documents
  • One (1) year projected financial statements as relates to the project: Projected Cash Flow, Projected Income Statement and Projected Balance Sheet

A $500 non-refundable application fee is payable to the exporTT upon submission of the application package.

Step 3:

Evaluation of Application

This will take place over a maximum of 60 days. During this period a site visit will be conducted and a meeting held with the applicant to clarify and/or obtain any necessary information.

A completed evaluation is then submitted by the exporTT to the Evaluation & Approval Committee.  The Evaluation & Approval Committee decides whether a grant is approved or denied and also what amount is to be funded, and any relevant terms and conditions. Once a grant application is approved by the Evaluation & Approval Committee, a Client Agreement is signed between the applicant and the exporTT. The Client Agreement details, via a disbursement schedule, how the grant funds will be disbursed based on milestones/deliverables and documentary evidence of payments/requests of payments etc. The Agreement also outlines the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms required by the exporTT such as monthly reports, quarterly site visits, baseline data etc.

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