New Exporter Training Programmes

These programmes are designed for Potential Exporters or New Employees in existing Exporter companies.

Designed to Sell: Developing your Website for Export

This one day workshop is designed to highlight the critical elements required to develop or enhance an export ready website that has an international appeal and generates customer loyalty.

To highlight the visual and information design elements required to create compelling export websites.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of an effective Export ready website
  • Employ specific and actionable steps learnt to design and/or build their website
  • Know what content is needed to drive the effectiveness of their ecommerce websites
  • Employ Social Media in marketing their products overseas
  • Develop an E-customer Service plan to support their website


  • Importance of websites to International Marketing
  • Website Design Philosophy
  • Content Management
  • Elements of an effective Ecommerce site
  • Online payment processing services (e.g. Paypal and Google Wallet)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Customer Service

Fundamentals of Exporting

Fundamentals of Exporting is a practical one day course designed to prepare participants for important aspects of international trade. It highlights EU and non-EU (CARICOM, Latin America, USA and Canada) requirements and helps to identify the support services available to exporters through state and semi-state organisations. It is designed to give a general overview of all export processes and is ideal for those with little or no knowledge of export procedures.


  • To identify the steps in the exporting process
  • To ascertain company’s export readiness
  • To create awareness of the benefits of exporting
  • To identify support services available to Exporters
  • To highlight international trade requirements

Upon completion of this programme participants will be able to:

  • Identify the steps involved in exporting
  • Engage the services of relevant support agencies to drive their export agenda
  • Employ specific and actionable steps learnt to build export capacity
  • Partner with ExporTT Limited in developing their export capacity
  • Recognize what export specific skills are needed in the company
  • Apply knowledge of international trade requirements to plan effectively

Topics covered in this one day programme include the following:

  • Why Export? Benefits of Exporting
  • Assessing the company’s export readiness
  • Agents & Distributors, Routes to Markets, Legal issues
  • Costing, Pricing & Quoting strategies, Letters of Credit and Methods of Payment
  • Customs procedures, Tariff classifications, Certificate of Origin, Trade Agreements
  • Export documentation and legal procedures
  • Overview International Commercial Terms (ICOTERMS)
  • Exploring foreign regulations and taxes
  • Basic export pitfalls
  • Export Risk Assessment and Management
  • Exporting Success Story

Introduction to Export Market Research using ITC Trade Map

This one day introductory programme is designed to introduce new Export and Sales Professionals to Export Market Research using ITC Trade Map. It is aimed at developing a “Research Culture”so that trade decisions can be made against data and intelligence rather than hunches and instinct.

Upon completion participants should be able to:

  • Utilise ITC Trade Map to gather – Trade Data, Competition, Trade Indices/Trends
  • Employ a structured approach to finding market data
  • Understand the HS Code System
  • Evaluate potential export markets using online research techniques

Exploring Rules of Origin for Export Decisions

Do you know how goods qualify to be traded under a Preferential Trade Agreement?

Determining a product’s origin is not as easy given today’s global trading environment where raw materials and parts criss-cross the globe. This drastic change from 100% of product parts being manufactured and assembled primarily in one country has made the process of origin rather complex, sometimes subjective, and time-consuming.

By attending this workshop persons involved in the Export process will acquire a clear overview of Rules of Origin (ROO) as well as demystify any preconceived complexities on Rules of Origin.

Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the necessity of rules for goods to be traded
  • Apply the Rules in determining origin of particular products
  • Employ Rules of Origin in making Export decisions

International Marketing for Potential Exporters

This International Marketing for Exporters workshop is designed to give potential Exporters with little or no knowledge of selling their products overseas, a complete overview of International Marketing.

This workshop provides the know-how to develop a practical and realistic marketing plan on clearly identified competitive advantages. It should enable participants to deploy all elements of the export marketing mix so they can build customer retention and minimise risk in foreign markets.

Formulating an Export Plan

Thisworkshop designed to give a complete overview of the requirements of an export plan. The workshop targets companies that are new to or just starting out in international trade and/or individuals with a desire to explore exporting as a viable business option. At the end of the workshop participants should be provided with templates, resources and tips which can be leveraged to write their own Export plan.


  • To assist companies in developing an export strategy
  • To identify the key components of an actionable Export Plan
  • To highlight the importance of formulating clear export objectives and timelines for achieving them.
  • To provide templates, resources, and tips on how to write an Export plan.

Upon completion of training participants must be able to:

  • Recognize /Assess business issues which need to be addressed before executing an international sales strategy
  • Identify the key components of an actionable Export Plan
  • Source required information needed to populate the plan
  • Formulate clear export objectives and timelines for achieving them.
  • Apply knowledge garnered to commence the development an Export Plan


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