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Why Export?

  1. Spread business risk across markets – A concentration on domestic market exposes companies to risks in that if the markets is affected by shocks such as fluctuations in demand, natural disasters, political unrest or financial crises the company will fail. Having export markets can assist companies in riding out harsh periods within the local economy.
  2. New Ideas for Products and Services – New markets and customers have different needs, tastes and preferences and thus there may be opportunities for the development of new products and services to meet these needs. Travelling to new markets and participating in tradeshows will also allow companies to be exposed to new ideas, technology and processes which can stimulate creativity and assist in the development of innovative product and service development.
  3. Increase Cost Competitiveness – Some domestic markets are too small to justify large scale production. Companies are therefore unable to benefit from economies scale and thus lower production unit costs. Exporting is a way to increase total sales and thus justify investments in increasing production capacity. This should help increase the cost competitiveness of products in domestic and export markets. Cutting the cost of production can also result in higher profit margins.
  4. Increased Sales – Exporting can help increase sales by extending a company's market base to overseas countries where it can find new customers and niche markets.
  5. Enhance Credibility with Customers – An exporting company is usually perceived as more established and high quality since the standards required for foreign markets may be higher. Additionally, exporters are able to satisfy the demand of multiple markets and thus it is anticipated that its products and services will continue to be offered on a sustainable basis. Switching important suppliers of products and services can have adverse effects on a company's operations.
  6. Customers from other countries are more accessible – With improvements in trade finance, the internet and trade agreements the access to global markets have increased dramatically.

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How to Export

How exporTT can assist you as a new exporter?

Exporting can be an extremely daunting activity since there are so many aspects to cover. You are not alone in this endeavor as exporTT is well positioned to assist in market research and identification, training, meeting international standards, marketing your products in markets of interest and so much more. Contact exporTT for further assistance


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